Corporate order

For more than 4 years, Pack & Go has been successfully creating branded Lunch Bags for Ukrainian and foreign companies!  

Our Lunch Bag will be the perfect gift for your employees, partners and clients.

The pros of corporate lunch bags:

  • Free advertising medium
  • Build up employee/customer/partner loyalty
  • An original and practical gift
  • A clean, comfortable kitchen and an immaculate fridge at the office

For Food Delivery Services

Packaging makes the first impression!

The Pack & Go Lunch Bag is the ideal solution for delivering food, dietary intake or everyday meals to your clients:

  • We will create an original design for you using your corporate color scheme.
  • We will design comfy and useful bags for your delivery team.
  • Fashionable branded Lunch Bags for your amazing clients.

Visit our Personalized Lunch Bags page for further details 

Want to see what your custom-made Lunch Bag will look like?

Upload your logo right now!

Our team will obtain approval from you regarding the final layout and will make your order quickly!

Add your logo on Lunch Bag

Want to know how your logo will look at Lunch bag?

At first choose the bag from the list above. Then tap the button “Download logo”.

Adjust the location of the logo by moving it with your mouse. You can also change the size by pulling corner of the logo.

Image with logo you can save on your computer - just tap the button “save image”.

We recommend to download logos with clear background using .png or .svg image formats for better visualization.

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